Post-Doctoral Fellow, Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Saskatchewan. The protests have resulted in at least 20 deaths and thousands injured amid charges of state-sanctioned violence. Moreno has accused his predecessor, Rafael Correa, and Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro of being behind the demonstrations, which continued even after the return of the subsidy. With no government in place, the country was pieced off by various warlords as war raged for years. Read more: Here are some of the more notable historical conflicts of the region. Morales is calling for new presidential elections and an overhaul of the electoral system. Another Peruvian president, Alan García, killed himself last April when the police arrived at his home to arrest him for involvement in the same case. It seems that nearly every nation from Mexico to Chile has at some time gone to war with a neighbor or suffered a bloody internal civil war at some point. The Center for Preventive Action's (CPA) Global Conflict Tracker is an interactive guide to ongoing conflicts around the world of concern to the United States. Paraguayans are angry about an agreement with Brazil on the Itaipu hydroelectric power plantthat’s considered detrimental to the smaller country. Task Force Program, About In Ecuador, President Lenin Moreno withdrew a subsidy on fuel, in place since the 1970s, due to an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Even Chile is experiencing a decline in its economic outlook. ]. This is a list of conflicts in Africa arranged by country, both on the continent and associated islands, including wars between African nations, civil wars, and wars involving non-African nations that took place within Africa. Before we get to the seven countries that the United States is bombing, it's worth mentioning that ISIS, the Islamist terrorist group, is to Islam what the KKK or Westboro is to Christianity. The movements for independence in Spanish America were precipitated by the collapse of royal authority in Spain rather than by any resentment of Spanish rule. Enter Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador. It encompasses colonial wars, wars of independence, secessionist and separatist conflicts, major episodes of national violence (riots, massacres, etc. The triggers were the increases in public transit fares and electricity bills at the beginning of October. During the Cold War, numerous civil wars plagued Central America. From health to natural disasters and rainforest conservation, read the latest in news and updates for South America. [ You’re smart and curious about the world. But South America has also long been known for its political instability and public policy tensions. Lenin Cavalcanti Guerra does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organization that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. East & North Africa, Independent Andy Martin Entocycle is aiming to feed animals in a sustainable way. Even though the continent has made big economic strides in recent years, it’s often still plagued by political and civil unrest. It is a bit early to say if the recent events could change that status. The last few months have shown that the turmoil is hardly a thing of the past. The opposition did not accept the results of recent elections, which gave the victory to Morales in the first round of voting for his fourth term. By some estimates, more than three million Zimbabweans currently reside illegally in South Africa. The strong economic indicators of years past in South America have weakened. You can read us daily by subscribing to our newsletter. Most started because of minor causes, like bus or subway fare increases, but pertain to broader public policy problems like corruption, access to education, health care or pensions. Brazilians mourn death of Argentinian archrival Maradona. Paraguayans are angry about an agreement with Brazil on the Itaipu hydroelectric power plant that’s considered detrimental to the smaller country. The conflicts can be characterized both as a civil wars and a war of national liberation , since the majority of combatants on both sides were Spanish Americans and the goal of the conflict for one side was the independence of the Spanish colonies in … The interactive covers nearly thirty conflicts with background information and resources on each conflict. The impeachment comes just seven years after former president Fernand Lugo was himself impeached in 2012 amid land disputes that resulted in 17 deaths. Diplomacy In addition to Venezuela, where political and economic criseshave resulted in a humanitarian disaster known around the world, there has been recent turbulence elsewhere in South America. Paraguay has been experiencing massive protests against President Mario Abdo. America is the only area of the world known so far, though it can be assumed that it makes up just a part of it. This is a list of wars and conflicts involving the United States of America during and since the American Revolutionary War, detailing all constituent military theatres and campaigns. Santa Cruz, the richest province in Bolivia, is experiencing an ongoing general strike. 1 1950-present 2 Older conflicts 3 See also 4 References 5 External links Dates indicate the years in which the United States of America was involved in the war. Some South Africans blame these immigrants for the country’s high crime and unemployment rates, and In addition to Venezuela, where political and economic crises have resulted in a humanitarian disaster known around the world, there has been recent turbulence elsewhere in South America. & International Institutions, Europe Vizcarra was the vice-president until last year, after former president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski resigned due to a possible connection to a bribery scandal involving Brazilian construction company Odebrecht. University of Saskatchewan provides funding as a founding partner of The Conversation CA. A unified government formed in 2000, and attempted to regain control of the country. Pacific War or Saltpeter War According to the article Pax castrense on the northern border. America is currently split between two superpowers; the North American Federation and the South American Empire, with the independent Principality of Colombia caught between them. Chile protests escalate as widespread dissatisfaction shakes foundations of country's economic success story. Since the election, roads were closed across the country and daily riots were routine. Many countries are now facing low GDP increases and high unemployment. In October 2018, Brazil elected right-wing former army captain Jair Bolsonaro. Economic issues have played a significant role in the widespread dissatisfaction. Regardless of the defeat and the wear caused by several corruption scandals, Brazil’s left-wing parties still have a large number of seats in parliament as well as state governors. These wars, often under the leadership of Bolívar, resulted in the creation of several South American states out of the former Spanish colonies: the currently existing Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, and the now-defunct Gran Colombia. The resurgent unrest in South America has some similarities from country to country. This lesson takes a look at some of the dynamics of the wars in Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Europe. The following weeks will determine the impact of these collective South American backlashes. Paraguay has been experiencing massive protests against President Mario Abdo. The price of fuel has since skyrocketed, provoking massive protests that paralyzed parts of the country in October. With more than 425 million people, South American countries are among the world’s largest producers and exporters of beef and soy (Brazil), oil (Venezuela), coffee (Colombia), wine (Argentina and Chile), copper (Chile and Peru) and natural gas (Bolivia). America has been involved in wars large and small since before the founding of the nation. South America. In Peru, President Martin Vizcarra has dissolved congress in an attempt to force new parliamentary elections. The first such war, sometimes called Metacom’s Rebellion or King Philip's War, lasted 14 months and destroyed 14 towns. The Wars of Independence in South America were the numerous wars against Spanish rule that took place during the early 19th century, from 1808 to 1829. In Argentina, the recent election of Alberto Fernandez has brought back the leftist party of former president Cristina Kirchner, who became vice-president. & Despite the amount of natural wealth in the region, instability in South America is commonly generated by economic crises, resulting in the type of massive civilian protests we’re seeing now. Wit… Urban America is cowering in a lockdown Several conflicts have rocked various African countries over the years, leading to the death, injury and displacement of millions. Leading the country since 2006, Morales accepted a ballot audit from the Organization of American States (OAS), which found the results of October’s elections could not be validated because of “serious irregularities.” He announced he was quitting for “the good of the country.”. South Sudan-Sudan Border Conflict (2012-Present)-Sudan has been wracked by multiple insurgencies and has undergone two significant civil wars (1955-1972 and 1983-2005), the Darfur War (2003-2011), various clashes between Sudanese nomadic tribal groups (2009-Present), and the ongoing Lord's Resistance Army conflict that spans several central and east African nations. The news that Bolivian President Evo Morales is resigning amid an election fraud scandal highlights an unfortunate reality about South America. With the government at a 69 per cent disapproval rating, the opposition has started an impeachment process against Abdo and his vice-president that’s close to completion. The war, which started on December 10th, 2012, has witnessed the rapid growth of the Séléka rebels who were held responsible for the wanton destruction of a large number of towns and villages in the country and the murder of thousands of innocent civilians. But there are a few exceptions to this rule, below we present the most brutal conflicts in South American lands: Hispanic war of … It didn’t work. Instead, here's a glimpse at American foreign policy; the United States is currently waging war against seven, yes you read right, SEVEN countries. Although there are similarities, South American countries are largely democratic, even if some of those democracies are fragile. America is the continent which serves as the setting of American Wars Universe. So are The Conversation’s authors and editors. Archaeology. Somalia has been in a Civil War for decades, and few ever talk about it. The onetime congressman defeated the leftist candidate, resulting in the first defeat of the Workers Party since 1998. Even in defeat, former leader Mauricio Macri received 41.7 per cent of the vote, showing that, just as in Brazil, the opposition against Fernandez is strong. Chile, the South American country with the highest human development index and one of the highest GDPs per capita in the region, is facing the biggest wave of public turmoil since the re-democratization of the nation in 1990. Currently, the country is in the grip of an ongoing civil war being fought between the government forces and the Séléka rebel coalition. Anti-government demonstrators scale the facade of a residence to reach the rooftop in search of a better vantage point to battle with police in Quito, Ecuador, in October 2019. The country is often considered the first developed Latin American nation. America's current wars and conflicts in the year 2013 include wars in: Afghanistan--Since the 9/11 Terrorist attacks on the U.S., American forces have been actively engaged against al-Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Issues relating to education, mostly private and expensive, and the pension regime are fuelling a lot of the unrest in Chile, particularly among youth and the elderly. The unrest in South America is already being compared to the Arab Spring, the wave of pro-democracy demonstrations in North Africa and Middle East. Wars are unfortunately far too common in Latin and American History, and South American Wars have been particularly bloody. Learn about the world's top hotspots with this interactive Global Conflict Tracker from the Center for Preventive Action at the Council on Foreign Relations. Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro smiles during an event in Brasilia, Brazil, in October 2019. is resigning amid an election fraud scandal, an agreement with Brazil on the Itaipu hydroelectric power plant, impeachment process against Abdo and his vice-president that’s close to completion, former president Fernand Lugo was himself impeached, blocked access to a copper mine and caused production to cease, former president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski resigned, did not accept the results of recent elections, is experiencing an ongoing general strike, the first developed Latin American nation, Chile protests escalate as widespread dissatisfaction shakes foundations of country's economic success story, You can read us daily by subscribing to our newsletter. Business. There are current cases of political instability across the continent, with violence and unrest raging on in South Sudan, Burundi, and Somalia amongst other insecure countries. (Though conflict with an external force over territory outside the continent occurred in 1982 during the Falklands War between Argentina and the United Kingdom.) All signs point to an American withdrawal from Afghanistan over the next two years, but until then, the warfare continues. The most recent South American elections have seen voters swinging between left- and right-wing parties. Write an article and join a growing community of more than 117,400 academics and researchers from 3,791 institutions. In 2010 and 2011, the Arab Spring fuelled the fall of autocratic presidents in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, and generated civil war in Yemen. A new government was installed in 2012 after the fi… South American is one of the poorest regions in the world; nonetheless, not many conflicts have arisen between them, and when they have, they’ve been sparse and sporadic. Somalia as a country was created in 1960, and collapsed in 1991 when President Siad Barre was overthrown. 1  The war, tiny by today's standards, ended when Metacom (the Pokunoket chief called "King Philip" by the English), was beheaded. South Sudan (2013-Present) While South Sudan broke away from Sudan in 2011, conflict in the world’s newest country has continued. Campus. Eurasia, Middle The world has mostly taken for granted that conflict on a large scale has not mattered in South America for more than a century. We plotted each war on a timeline from the American Revolution until today, illustrating how long each conflict lasted, where in the world it took place, and how much each one cost. Warfare is getting more expensive over time thanks to pricier weapons and far-off conflict zones. Wars in the World, Daily News on Wars in the World and on New States. Among the best known are 12 in Panama, 12 in Puerto Rico, nine in Colombia, and eight in Peru, with the greatest number concentrated in Central America and the Caribbean. Fortunately, Brazil and Argentina, the largest countries in South America, are not currently dealing with similar turmoil even though both countries recently held elections that revealed deeply divided electorates. Only this time, it's not North versus South. The total cumulative cost of the Civil War for both the North and the South is surprisingly small. Bolivia has also been experiencing a massive wave of demonstrations. His actions have resulted in several demonstrations around the country, including one that blocked access to a copper mine and caused production to cease. The worldwide spread of COVID-19 worldwide has impacted our Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) operations across all regions. Copyright © 2010–2020, The Conversation US, Inc. Morales attends a news conference in La Paz, Bolivia, on Nov. 10, 2019. University of Saskatchewan provides funding as a member of The Conversation CA-FR. A Timeline chronology of Wars Fought in the continent of South America 1910 to 1982 showing name of war, dates and details of combatants Rural America is ready to lock and load. South Africa, and the country continues to face a large influx of illegal immigrants. A reflection on the post-war Salitre: the conflict over Tacna-Arica and Tarapacá , written by Sergio González Miranda, sociologist and doctor in Latin American studies, the Salitre war was an armed conflict that pitted Chile against Bolivia and Peru in the years 1879 and 1884. CFR In the past century, several South American countries faced coups, military dictatorships and social uprisings. The second American civil war is underway. Photo: Archive The United States has some 800 military bases around the world, and 76 of these are in Latin America.

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