2. kanderson826. 79% average accuracy. Ruby Bridges. The Story of Ruby Bridges book quiz DRAFT. 1. Numbered Heads: Upon reading the book The Story of Ruby Bridges, present the following questions on the board: Who was Ruby Bridges? The year was 1960. Save. Edit. Discussion Questions How do you think Ruby felt going to that school? 0. Read aloud the book The Story of Ruby Bridges written by Robert Coles and illustrated by George Ford. by kanderson826. They wouldn’t send their children to Ruby’s school. 287 times. Focus children's attention on Ruby's courage and strength as you read The Story of Ruby Bridges. Read: The Story of Ruby Bridges by Robert Coles. The Story of Ruby Bridges book quiz DRAFT. During the reading, the teacher will focus on Ruby’s courage and strength of character. 3. Ruby Bridges shares the story of the first African American child to attend an all-white elementary school in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ruby Bridges did, when she was in First Grade. Briefly introduce Ruby Bridges to the students as one who was viewed by many as having differences from others. Why? Biography (nonfiction), 292 words, Level I (Grade 1), Lexile 500L . Based on a true story, it tells about the life of Ruby Bridges, a young girl who helped integrate schools in New Orleans. Played 287 times. In 1998, the film 'Ruby Bridges' was released by the Disney Corporation. History, English. Some people were angry about the Judge’s decision. 3 years ago. In the download you’ll find a reading comprehension passage and two sets of questions. OR listen to the story read aloud. Some of them yelled and waved signs at Ruby when she went to school. Day 2 Numbered Heads Activity: To review the story read the day before, the following questions will be presented on chart paper. Despite protests and threats, Ruby continued going to school. She was in New Orleans. Read The Story of Ruby Bridges by Robert Coles to gain an understanding of Ruby Bridges and her life. : 2. What made Ruby so different from everyone else? Post photos around the room from Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges. Use ReadingQuest.org: Question-Answer Relationships as well as the printouts listed in Other Resources to find more information about the question-answer relationship (QAR) technique. 3. Ruby Bridges is a 1998 television film, based on the true story of Ruby Bridges, the first black student to attend integrated schools in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1960.Comes with introductory vocabulary, questions, and an answer key. Ruby Bridges, Under Federal Court Order New Orleans Public Schools Were Finally Forced To Desegregate. 3 years ago. You may also want to browse for information about her online at The Ruby Bridges Foundation. Before my Nine (a new fourth grader) read the passage, I asked what she knew about Ruby Bridges. Who was Ruby Bridges? 2nd - 4th grade. 0. In Spring 196O She Took A Test Along With Other Black Kindergartners In The City To See Who Would Go To An Integrated School . 2nd - 4th grade . Edit. This is the first in a series of passages about famous historical figures. Ruby Bridges is a unique person who impacted the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, and this quiz and worksheet helps you see how much you know about her.

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