Kesar Mawa Modak. Modak is a popular Indian sweet dish / dessert made during auspicious occasions. You can likewise utilize mawa and different items as a filling in a rice flour covering. Do yourself a favour and ask for the ukadiche modak. Special Diet. Try this Kesar Mawa Modak recipe. September 18, 2018 by Avin Kohli 38 Comments. Clean Eating Recipes. In this recipe, I have used milk powder to make the instant mawa. #GA4 #week8 This recipe is very close to my heart as this was my first attempt to make Modak for Ganpati Bappa and with his blessings it turned out to be most amazing, delicious and melt in mouth Modak. Kesar Mawa Modak. Mawa is made with four simple ingredients and the modaks are made using this mawa … In a mixing bowl, add mawa and sugar and mix well for 2 minutes. Take the modak mould and stuff the mixture in it. add Mawa [khowa] and dry fruits in it. Modak prepare 3 ways to offer as prasadam for the birth of Lord ganesha, kesar mawa modak, chocolate modak, kaju modak. Kesar Mawa Modak | Gluten free Saffron Fudge is very easy to make and needs very little prepping.A traditional occasion like Ganesh Chaturthi calls for a special treat, these kesar modaks fit the bill perfectly! There are different types of modaks. Take it out in a bowl. GANPATI BAPPA MORYA.. Our most Loved GANESHA arrives tomorrow at our Homes to Bless Us !! Follow theyellowdaal Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu fastival celebrating the birth of Lord Ganesha. Widely made during Ganesh Utsav, this delicious sweet treat is made using You won’t believe how I was as a kid. Takip et. You just need basic three ingredients to make it. Rava kesar modak can easily be made at home using simple ingredients. Print Recipe. Scrape off the excess dough and gently unmould and place the Modak over a plate greased with Ghee. kesar mawa modak Modak 3 ways, Offerings To Lord Ganesha. Kesar mawa modak recipe by Sujata Kotian Das - August 30, 2019 Ganesh Chaturthi Special: Instant Kesar Mawa Modak recipe This time for Ganesh Chaturthi, I decided to make some kesar/saffron mawa modak which is a favorite sweet of Lord Ganesha, and it completes the rituals of Ganesh Chaturthi. MAWA MODAK. I have made variety of modak recipes like, fried modak, chocolate modak, mawa modak, coconut modak. Women generally prepare MODAKS for HIM as Modaks & Laddoos are his Favourite. Jan 9, 2016 - Modak is one of the favorite food of Lord Ganesha and usually prepared for Ganesh Chaturthi. Ingredients : 1 cup khoya When we talk of Modak, what comes to my mind is a yellow, tiny, mithai that is mostly found outside Siddivinayak temple in Mumbai. All recipes are easy. Aug 24, 2017 - mawa modak,easy mawa/mava modak recipe,kesar mawa modak,homemade kesar mawa modak recipe,khavyache modak recipe,how to make kesar/mawa or khoya modak. Do you always prefer bringing ready made Mawa Modaks during Ganpati? Modaks are offered to lord ganesha during the puja ceremony. Its a ten day festival where devotees welcome Lord Ganesh Idols into homes or community as a whole. Oha Diyorum. Ganesh Chaturthi also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi is one of the important Hindu festivals celebrated throughout India with a great devotion. Mawa Modak is a sweet dish made from sweetened Mawa/khoya (dried milk or milk solids).Mawa Modak or Khoya Modak recipe is usually made on the festive occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, but this divine dessert can be made anytime you like. Also learn how to make Chocolate & Kaju Kesar Modak. Our chef Archana brings you the basic and simple recipe of homemade Mawa Modak. All you require is khoya or mawa along with sugar, pistachios, cardamom, saffron and drain to prepare these delectable desserts ideal for prasad or bhog. This day is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Mawa Modak is an absolutely delicious and divine Indian sweet that is prepared during the Ganesh festival. Recipe – Video Modakam. Equipment A Modak Mould. Here is the recipe for you all Ingredients … Ingredients: 250 gms Mawa 125 gms Sugar 1/4th tsp Cardamom Powder 3 tbsp Cashew … Feb 11, 2017 - A blog about experimenting and being creative with food and recipes. Every year Millions of Indians wait for HIM to come to their house getting him with great Pomp & Pleasure. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. This is a quick, simple, and easy Instant version of mawa modak … Mawa Modak - Basic, Kaju Kesar & Chocolate - Recipe by Archana - Easy Indian Sweet Dish In Marathi. Heat ghee in the pan. recipes with apples recipes for chicken recipes with ground turkey recipes for chicken breast recipes for pork chops recipes for chicken thighs Kesar Mawa modaks are sweet and delicious modaks made with milk solids and sugar. A modak is a traditional Maharashtrian sweet, and is said to be Ganesha’s favourite sweet. Saffron milk fudge recipe is an Indian sweet referred as “Modak” that is made during Ganesh Chaturthi to lure our Elephant god aka Ganpati Bappa. And what could be the more precious occasion than this to most my first recipe of 2018. After grinding them, filter it in a thicker sized hole strainer. Here is the recipe for you all. Let’s get into the recipe. Add the cardamom powder, saffron milk and powdered sugar, mix it well. Rich and delicious, Mawa Modaks are a dissolve in-the-mouth treat. Take a cup of cashews and grind it in a grinder for its powder. Add kesar and elayachi in it. ! In the state of Maharashtra, the modak made from mawa is known as ‘Khavyache Modak’. I always get excited around festivals and one of the main reason would be the sweets we make for the ocassion. Step-by-step photos of how to make Kesar Mawa modak is an absolute divine sweet. It is a fusion version of traditional and modern modak and is very easy to make without any steaming or frying, and tastes amazing. Although it is quite a grand fare, the good news is that it is much easier to make than the traditional modak, which requires a bit of deft handwork. The aroma of modaks by itself reminds of Ganesha ji and I can’t seem to stop at one! To make kesar mawa modak I used home made mawa, posting this recipe on the occasion of first sankasht chaturthi of 2018. Open the mould and gently take out the modak. Instant mawa kesar modak is a sweet dumpling made with khoa/mawa as outer covering with a filling of dry coconut powder mixed with raw sugar and kesar milk. 1/2 cup dry fruit crush 1 cup Mawa [ Khowa] 1/2 cup Powered sugar 1/2 spoon cardamom powder 1 spoon ghee Modak Mould Steps. Great recipe for Instant Kesar Mawa Modak. 20 mins Ingredients. Close it tight and remove the extra oozed out mixture. 5 Best Places in Mumbai for Kesar Malai, Mawa, Ukadiche Modaks 1. Kesar Mawa & Classic Modak Recipe Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu festival celebrated to welcome the Lord Ganesha on earth. Wholesaler of Kesar Mawa Peda, Kesar Peda & Mawa Modak offered by Sarvan Peda Bhandar from Deoghar, Jharkhand, India Kesar Khoya Modak A modak is a traditional Maharashtrian sweet, and is said to be Ganesha’s favourite sweet. Repeat the same for the rest of the Mawa dough and finally garnish the Modak with strands of Kesar. Lord Ganesh is the symbol of wisdom, prosperity and good … Soft flavourful delicious Kesari Mawa Modak is ready to be offered to Lord Ganesha. Now add the remaining ingredients and mix them continuously for 4-5 mins. This will yield 9-10 medium size modak. Mawa Modak. Anyone who knows anything about modaks and the city knows this is a pilgrimage you must make on the quest to find the best modaks in Mumbai. A light kesari colour shall appear in the mixture. Explore. Kesar Mawa Modak Like I said in my last post, this Ganesh festival my theme for Prashad is Modak, and I will be preparing Modak shaped sweets to impress Him! September 14, 2015 By Priya Shiva 8 Comments. This modak on the other hand just requires you to pack the mixture into the modak mould, and de-mould after a press. Instructions. Prajakta Shrikant Iyer Nagpur , MH. Ingredients 1 tbsp ghee 1/2 cup milk 1 cup milk powder 2 tbsp powdered sugar Saffron – 10-12 stands soaked in warm milk 10 days of Ganesh Chaturthi festivities and about 100 modaks later, I’m still game for some more! Roast the mawa for 2-3 minutes on a low to medium flame. Think again! It is offered to our Ganpati as he is extremely fond of it. Kesar mawa modak is the variety of mawa modaks that you find in any halwai shop during Ganesh Chaturthi. There are different types of modaks. Kesar Khoya Modak. 5 yıl önce | 56 views. Kesar Mawa Modak. This time for Ganesh Chaturthi, I decided to make some kesar/saffron pista mawa modak which is a favorite sweet of Lord Ganesha, and it completes the rituals of Ganesh Chaturthi.It is an easy and quick sweet made with milk powder. Ingredients for choco Mawa Modak. It is loaded with sweetness and richness of Saffron. I made a different variety of modak on the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi to offer my Bappa… I am sharing my way of making Kesar Khoya Modak . Rich and luscious, the Mawa Modak is a melt-in-the-mouth treat, which puts other mithai to shame with its unique taste and texture. Mawa - 1 cup (200 grams) Almond powder - ½ cup (75 grams) Sugar powder - ¾ cup (100 grams) Cocoa powder - 2 tbsp ; How to make Kaju Kesar Modak. Food And Drink. If you visit halwai shop especially in Maharashtra during Ganesh Chaturthi, there will be huge variety of flavors in mawa modak, otherwise you will find it in from of pedha. KESAR PISTA MAWA MODAK. I made a different variety of modak on the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi to offer my Bappa… I am sharing my way of making Kesar Khoya Modak . I’m very fond of sweets and any ocassion for me is incomplete without making sweets or desserts.

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