However, population densities are below ecological carrying capacity in many places due to hunting and competition with domestic livestock. Regards I am Suhail from Mumbai. Urine marking is also observed; the smell of urine is typically stronger than that of the deposited scent. The chital is a moderately sized deer. Sperm is produced year-round, though testosterone levels register a fall during the development of the antlers. [1], The chital has been introduced to Andaman Islands, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, the Point Reyes National Seashore in California, Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and Hawaii in the United States, and to the Veliki Brijun Island in the Brijuni Archipelago of the Istrian Peninsula in Croatia. The underparts, including the underside of the tail, are white, and there is a white \"bib\" on the upper thr… Chital Fish from River 1 KG ৳ 550/-mach-bazar. Bengalis one of the favorite fish is chitol fish. Size: 1.5 Inch. The pair does several bouts of chasing and mutual licking before copulation. Chital fish, also known as clown knife fish in English is a great delicacy in the Indian sub-continent . Rabbit They eat 3 times their body weight in moss and vegetation per day. As days grow cooler, foraging begins before sunrise and peaks by early morning. In India and Sri Lanka, it lives in herds of up to 100 or more in grasslands and forests. They do not occur at high altitudes, where they are usually replaced by other species such as the sambar deer. You can stock about 1500-2000 Chital fish in your pond. They eat 3 times their body weight in moss and vegetation per day. It’s fresh, right? Thank you for your inspiring opinion! Barramundi is a loanword from an Australian Aboriginal language of the Rockhampton area in Queensland meaning "large-scaled river fish". Duck They stand on their hind legs to reach tall branches and rub the open preorbital glands to deposit their scent there. [24] The hairs are smooth and flexible. The species is sexually dimorphic; males are larger than females, and antlers are present only on males. Males have well-developed preorbital glands (near the eyes). [17] In the Kanha National Park, mineral licks rich in calcium and phosphorus pentoxide were scraped at by the incisors. Studies on Gonadosomatic index (GSI), ova diameter and histology of the gonad were performed to understand reproductive biology of Feather back, Chital (Notopterus chitala) for a period of 6 months from January to June 2010. ... Chital Fish Seeds. However, the name was appropriated for marketing reasons during the 1980s, a decision that has aided in raising the profile of this fish significantly. Thank you! They fall asleep a few hours before sunrise, typically in the forest which is cooler than the glades. Sometimes they lays eggs on aquatic plants. Hum log direct ganga rever se seed nikalte hain.agar koi buyer ho to please mujhe batayen.main hole sale rate me chital fish dunga dunga. Usage: Restaurant. The fight terminates with the males stepping backward, or simply leaving and foraging. 150 to 400 per Kg . ‘Six hundred for a kilo, baideu (sister), take it!’ She checked the gills, held and felt the weight of it and replied, ‘Six hundred? Eagerly waiting for your valuable advice…. Net Weight: 500 gm. Females have regular oestrus cycles, each lasting three weeks. Fish oil may spur weight loss. could you please provide me thethe culture technique of rupchanda fish. Various types of small fish, shrimp, snail, and aquatic insects are the favorite feed of this freshwater fish. [6] Variations of "chital" include "cheetal" and "cheetul". What will be the Wight of chitol in 6 months? The pedicles (the bony cores from which antlers arise) are shorter and the auditory bullae are smaller in the chital. Weight: 0.300 kg. [1], The chital was the first species of deer introduced into Australia in the early 1800s by Dr. John Harris, surgeon to the New South Wales Corps, and he had about 400 of these animals on his property by 1813. thanks .mob 9768524301. Chital Deer characteristics. Foraging recommences by late afternoon and continues till midnight. They generally eat feed from lower level of water. Physical characteristics of Chitals are described below. sir im start the chetal fish culthur idont knw about this. Regards Deer [25][30] Dominant males guarding females in oestrus make high-pitched growls at less powerful males. [17][25], The chital is found in large numbers in dense deciduous or semievergreen forests and open grasslands. Email, [email protected]. How much chital fingerlings i can put??? Their breeding period is June to July. What will be the best Feed for Chital Fish??? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. [29] Predators of the chital include wolves, Bengal tigers, Asiatic lions, leopards, Indian rock pythons, dholes, Indian pariah dogs, and mugger crocodiles. Gross Weight: 880gm. Mature males can weigh up to 98 to 110 kg (216 to 243 lb). Fawns in search of their mother often squeal. I have a pond which is 5 bigha ( 72000 square feet ) . While some of the stock originated from Sri Lanka (Ceylon), the Indian race likely is also represented. The small fish is easy to handle rather than larger size fish. [14] An interesting relationship has been observed between herds of chital and troops of the northern plains grey langurs, a widespread South Asian monkey. Dear sir It stays within 300 m (980 ft) of cover. I have a pond(6000 Square feet). Attempts by hunters to introduce the species to the mainland of Croatia were unsuccessful. Males often stand on their hindlegs to reach tall branches. Disclaimer "The comparative breeding ecology of four cervids in Royal Chitwan National Park, Nepal". Chital fish, also known as clown knife fish in English is a great delicacy in the Indian sub-continent . Fruits eaten by chital in the Kanha National Park (Madhya Pradesh, India) include those of Ficus species from January to May, Cordia myxa from May to June, and Syzygium cumini from June to July. I won’t take yesterday’s stuff!’ ‘No, baideu! The antlers and brow tines are longer than those in the hog deer. Thank you very much. I am interesting to chital fish firming. Caudal fin is joint with anal fin and there are 7-8 globular white spots. The upper parts are golden to rufous, completely covered in white spots. That means 5 grams feed for 100 grams body weight of fish. I have already corrected the topics. Pangus and Chital having size ranges from 18.1 to 41.3, 45.3 to 56.8 and 41.1 to 78.0 cm in length and having weight ranges from 100.20 to 800.45, 740.95 to 1800.85 and 300.24 to The mineral content of the chital's antlers was determined to be (per kg): 6.1 milligrams (0.00022 oz) copper, 8.04 milligrams (0.000284 oz) cobalt, and 32.14 milligrams (0.001134 oz) zinc. [17], The newborn is hidden for a week after birth, a period much shorter than most other deer. Chital have been also spotted in Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary in Bhutan, which has the only remaining natural sal (Shorea robusta) forest in the country. Cow Head and body of chital fish is skate and grained. Subscribe ROY'S FARM newsletter for news, updates and receiving notifications of new posts by email. Storage Temperature: Cool Place. The body of this fish is very long and thin. [15] Groups are loose and disband frequently, save for the juvenile-mother herd. Water holes are visited nearly twice daily, with great caution. This stance may be adopted by nearby individuals, as well. Sorry! Similarly, rutting males leave their herds during the mating season, hence altering the herd composition. [42] The deer are most populous on the Edwards Plateau, where the land is similar to that of India. Chital fish is a carnivorous fish. Individuals tend to group together and forage while moving slowly. The chital (/tʃiːtəl/) (Axis axis), also known as spotted deer, chital deer, and axis deer, is a species of deer that is native to the Indian subcontinent. A moderate-sized deer, male chital reach nearly 90 cm (35 in) and females 70 cm (28 in) at the shoulder. [17] Bellowing coincides with rutting. [37][38], In the 1860s, axis deer were introduced to the island of Molokai, Hawaii, as a gift from Hong Kong to King Kamehameha V. The deer were introduced to Lanai, another of the Hawaiian Islands, soon afterward and are now plentiful on both islands. [20] The chital, mainly females and juveniles, bark persistently when alarmed or if they encounter a predator. It is one of the avatars of Lord Narayana (Vishnu), in the first episode titled "Matsya" that Narayana was born as a golden knifefish to kill the demon. Thanks for your time and consideration! Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Press. The fur often bristles during the display. Fallow also have palmate antlers whereas chital have 3 dinstinct points on each side. Males with velvet antlers may hunch over instead of standing erect as the males with hard antlers. My mobile number is +91 9324566111 . I have Chital Fish Fingerling Seeds For Sale, Size 3 to 4 Inches. During breeding period they make hole by digging soil. Bengel Fish (Dhanmondi Zone) Plot No 03, Road No 03, Block D, Dhaka Uddan Housing, Mohammedpur, Dhaka. [17] Common mynas are often attracted to the chital. The average initial fish weight and length was 6.00±0.5g and 3.19±0.34 cm, respectively. Browse includes herbs, shrubs, foliage, fruits, and forbs; Moghania species are often preferred while browsing. Mishra, H. and Wemmer, C. 1987. This study will be very helpful in conservation and management of the feather back chital. Osteoporosis – A new health threat on the rise. The average lifespan in captivity is nearly 22 years. And follow 5 percent ratio according to the current body weight of your fish. Weight Per Pack: 100 kg: Scientific Name: Labeo Catla: Length: Max 6 feet: Price Range: Rs. [17], A gregarious animal, the chital forms matriarchal herds comprising an adult female and her offspring of the previous and the present year, which may be associated with individuals of any age and either sex, male herds, and herds of juveniles and mothers. We have no idea about your mentioned fish species. Males will weigh up to ninety eight to a hundred and ten weight unit and also the tail, 20 cm long, is marked by a dark stripe that stretches on its length. That means 5 grams feed for 100 grams body weight of fish. The chital fish growth in 2kg how many month is spending. Mature males can weigh up to 98 to 110 kg (216 to 243 lb). [25], Individuals may occasionally bite one another. Tags: fish healthifyme healthy diet healthy Indian food lean protein omega-3. The males continue their growth till seven to eight years. [23], Hooves measure between 4.1 and 6.1 cm (1.6 and 2.4 in) in length; hooves of the fore legs are longer than those of the hind legs. [27], Grazers as well as browsers, the chital mainly feed on grasses throughout the year. [25][29] Studies in the Nallamala Hills (Andhra Pradesh, India) and the Western Ghats (western coast of India) showed seasonal variation in the sex ratio of herds; this was attributed to the tendency of females to isolate themselves ahead of parturition. This is one of the most mysterious fishes in this region. So it is big fish. Thank you! ... Rui Fish (Net Weight After Cutting ± 50 gm) 1.3 kg ৳ 449/-chaldal. how much weight gain in 2 years in pond culture. [15], The dorsal (upper) parts are golden to rufous, completely covered in white spots. In the summer, time is spent in rest under shade, and the sun's glare is avoided if the temperature reaches 80 °F (27 °C); activity peaks as dusk approaches. But they also lays eggs in pond and swamp. [14] The dental formula is, same as the elk. This fish is carnivorous and predator in nature (Rahman, 1989) and maximum length reported 120 cm (Day, 1878), in Bangladesh, 103 cm (weight 10 kg) was recorded from Gacher Dahar beel of … Originally, the name barramundi referred to Scleropages leichardti and Scleropages jardinii.. Raj Laxmi Enterprises provides you the best range of fisheries, katla fish, rohu, fish seeds tangra, fish seeds rohu & fish seeds catla with effective & timely delivery. And follow 5 percent ratio according to the current body weight of your fish. In 1988, self-sustaining herds were found in 27 counties, located in Central and South Texas. The chital can respond to the alarm calls of several animals such as the common myna and langurs. Thank you. Nutrition facts: 100g chitol fish has 90Calories, 1g Fat & 18g Protein. [1], The chital was first described by German naturalist Johann Christian Polycarp Erxleben in 1777 as Cervus axis. Sheep, Bee Over the last few decades wild population of Chitala chitala (HamiltonBuchanan) has been declined more than 50% due to various reasons and is presently listed under endangered (EN) category due to reduced abundance. I Am From Rohtas District (Bihar). [25] Chital occur sporadically in the forested areas throughout the rest of the Indian peninsula. Hunting for the deer's meat has caused substantial declines and local extinctions. The Chital (Axis Axis) is a deer species native to the Indian South, also known as the Spotted Deer, and the Axis Deer. Chital fish is available in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Malay, Laos, Thailand and some other Asian countries. Along with this they also eat feed from other water level. So if a Chital ate other chitals, that would make them cannibals. Could you please provide me the culture techniques of chitala. Males are less vulnerable than females and juveniles. Chital in 50 nos. Dear Sir, Pelvic fin outspread to tail and joint with tail. You can purchase low cost small fishes from the market for feeding your Chital fish. it prefers clear water and can move swiftly. [1] The eastern limit of its range is through western Assam[34][35] to the Sunderbans of West Bengal (India) and Bangladesh. In 2012, deer were spotted on the island of Hawaii; wildlife officials believe people had flown the deer by helicopter and transported them by boat onto the island. [7] Other common names for the chital are Indian spotted deer (or simply the spotted deer), and axis deer. They watch their baby like a guard. [25] These deer typically move in a single file on specific tracks, with a distance of two to three times their width between them, when on a journey, typically in search of food and water sources. [14], Chital are active throughout the day. [39], Releasing them on the island of Hawaii was planned, as well, but this was abandoned after pressure from scientists over damage to landscapes caused by the deer on other islands. The Chitals are also very popular to the people of United States as a aquarium fish. They live in clean water of river, swamp etc. [15] Its calls are, however, not as strong as those of elk or red deer; they are mainly coarse bellows or loud growls. Chitala Fish Seeds We Can Provide At All Major Airport Destinations. While immature males weigh 30–75 kg (66–165 lb), the lighter females weigh 25–45 kg (55–99 lb). The northern limit is along the Bhabar-terai belt of the foothills of the Himalaya and from Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal through to Nepal, northern West Bengal and Sikkim and then to western Assam and the forested valleys of Bhutan, which are below 1,100 m asl. [10] In the past Hyelaphus – comprising the Bawean deer (H. kuhli), the Calamian deer (H. calamianensis ), and the hog deer (H. porcinus) – was considered a subgenus of Axis. Turkey, About Us Thank you! Apart from various types of small fish, shrimp, snail, and aquatic insects would you please to give me advice what types of feed they like which are available in the market? They are usually fed on aquatic insects, small fish, shrimp, snail etc. [1] Currently, no range-wide threats to chitals are present, and they live in many protected areas. As an antipredator measure, chital flee in groups (unlike the hog deer that disperse on alarm); sprints are often followed by hiding in dense undergrowth. Head is competitively smaller than their body. Males reach nearly 90 cm (35 in) and females 70 cm (28 in) at the shoulder; the head-and-body length is around 1.7 m (5.6 ft). Weight. Sir This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. rising showed that the average accumulative weight and le ngth to fish were about 221.0 g and 15.2 cm. kindly help me! They can also be found on Rab Island, and the population on the two islands amounts to some 200 individuals. Sitemap Chitals lay eggs in currents water reservoir. Entsport Fish Lip Gripper Fish Scales Professional Fish Holder Stainless Steel Fish Lip Grabber 40 Pound Fish Lip Grip Tool with Weight Scale 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,653. Chital benefit from the langurs' eyesight and ability to post a lookout from trees, while the langur benefit from the chital's strong sense of smell, both of which help keep a check on potential danger. The biggest distinction is the dark brown stripe running down the chital's back. Chitala chitala is a knifefish from Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan, where found in the Indus, Ganges, Brahmaputra and Mahanadi River basins. Ranchi Learn how your comment data is processed. Call At 9415371926 & 7004551516, Can I put spawn of 1 inch size if I have chital in the pond. [28] Herd membership in Texas is typically up to 15;[20] herds can have five to 40 members in India. While immature males weigh 30–75 kg (66–165 lb), the lighter females weigh 25–45 kg (55–99 lb). Thank you! Chital (, "Morphometrical relationships between South-east Asian deer (Cervidae, tribe Cervini): evolutionary and biogeographic implications", "Evolution and phylogeny of old world deer", "Systematics and evolution of the Eurasian Plio-Pleistocene tribe Cervini (Artiodactyla, Mammalia)", "Preliminary study of the behavior and ecology of axis deer on Maui, Hawaii", "Mineral composition of antlers of three deer species reared in captivity", "Group size, sex and age composition of chital (, "Mystery deer growth pitting hunters against Hawaii", "Alleged animal smugglers used helicopters to fly sheep to Maui, deer to Big Island", "New law prohibits having or releasing feral deer in Hawaii", First record of the invasive alien species Axis axis (Erxleben, 1777) (Artiodactyla: Cervidae) in Brazil,, Taxa named by Johann Christian Polycarp Erxleben, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 November 2020, at 15:27. The mother-fawn bond is not very strong, as the two get separated often, though they can reunite easily as the herds are cohesive. The abdomen, rump, throat, insides of legs, ears, and tail are all white. The following cladogram is based on the 2004 phylogenetic study:[12], Cervus, fallow deer (Dama dama), Père David's deer (Elaphurus davidianus), Hyelaphus and Rusa, Fossils of extinct Axis species dating back to the Early to Middle Pliocene are known from central to southern Asia from Iran in the east to Indochina in the west. This fish was about 6kg weight. The preorbital glands, larger in males than in females, are frequently opened in response to certain stimuli. [17], Compared to the hog deer, the chital has a more cursorial build. For Any enquiries Pl. 09613 850 850, +8801511-262414; As you know, Chital is a carnivorous fish. The antlers, three-pronged, are nearly 1 m (3.3 ft) long. Chital fish farming in freshwater pond is becoming popular gradually, mainly because of it’s high price and demand in the market. Red foxes and golden jackals target juveniles. Interested People May Contact. [14] The tail, 20 cm (7.9 in) long, is marked by a dark stripe that stretches along its length. Approx? I want to cultivate Chital Fish. Chitol reaches a maximum length of 122 cm (48 in), but more commonly reaches about 75 cm (30 in). Scientific name and classification of chital fish are described below. [21][22] A study of the mineral composition of the antlers of captive barasinga, chital, and hog deer showed that the antlers of the deer are very similar. Hope this helps you! Chital fish Kebab is processed and packed with traditional marination in our own plant to bring you freshly frozen boneless chital fish Kebab. This posture is also used while foraging. Please note that this item will be billed based on actual weight during order processing.If the weight of this item delivered to you is more than true%, bigbasket will charge you an increase of only true% [15] The antlers, three-pronged, are nearly 1 m (3.3 ft) long. [44], The chital is listed by the IUCN as being of least concern "because it occurs over a very wide range within which there are many large populations". I shall give you the no of the person who can supply spawns but he is Located in Purulia West Bengal, Dear Sir, Quail Lake Avenue Kanke Road Chitals are also known as carnivorous freshwater fish. The species is sexually dimorphic; males are larger than females, and antlers are present only on males. pelvic fin outspread to tail and joint with tail. It comes under FRESHWATER FISHES CATEGORY. The running chital has its tail raised, exposing the white underparts. Thank you for your efforts in creating a new avenue on fisheries data base. Probably, that will not be a good decision. Advertise The antlers emerge as soft tissues (known as velvet antlers) and progressively harden into bony structures (known as hard antlers), following mineralisation and blockage of blood vessels in the tissue, from the tip to the base. Dear sir could you consider me 1 year old 50 grm katla seed where to buy need very urgent for my pond, I collect chital seed from river .Interested person please call on Mob- 9122100006. Aqua Feed Supplement. A 100g female is expected to deliver an average 6000 eggs. Males sporting hard antlers are dominant over those in velvet or those without antlers, irrespective of their size. [1] Sri Lanka is the southern limit. HEETA Fish Scale with Backlit LCD Display, Digital Portable Hanging Scale with Measuring Tape for Home and Outdoor, 2 AAA Batteries Included Typically, two year old striped murrels are used for breeding. The mean GSI values for female chital were found to range between 0.20±0.013 and 4.63±0.50. They are also knows as some other name like chitol fish, chitala fish, chittal fish etc. I have 1.5 bigha area pond.How many nos of CHITAL fish I can put for making each chital 2 kg weight? The fish-seller was holding a chital fish in front of her. [17], The chital ranges over 8–30°N in India and through Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Presently I am running a trial with 1000 nos. Would you please tell me how many chital fish i would stock in my pond. Ramanuj chakraborty A dark line runs along the spine from shoulder to tail, and this is bordered by a row of spots. [17] Fights are not generally serious. This species is based on Hinduism beliefs. The weight of the fish depends upon the number of factors such as stock in pond, water condition, depth, size of the fish at the time of stocking, type of feed etc. [20] Antlers, as in most other cervids, are shed annually. [27] Large herds were most common in monsoon, observed foraging in the grasslands. Would… in February-March month, then it attains the weight approximately around 1kg upto December month. Goat [40] Hawaiian law now prohibits "the intentional possession or interisland transportation or release of wild or feral deer. it prefers clear water and can move swiftly. Thank you. The deer were introduced to Maui island in the 1950s to increase hunting opportunities. Depth of water is 8 feet in rainy season and 5 feet in summer . What is the size of your Chital fish? [13], The chital is a moderately sized deer. The female can conceive again two weeks to four months after the birth. [15] The milk canine, nearly 1 cm (0.39 in) long, falls off before one year of age, but is not replaced by a permanent tooth as in other cervids. $12.90 - $15.90 #8. We are the Chital Fish Seed Suppliers in Maharashtra & leading Chital Fish Seed Hatchery in Maharashtra . medo says: You can stock around 5000 fish in your pond. sir we want to their brooding Sir, Whole body and head is covered with numerous small sized scales. They prefer young shoots, in the absence of which, tall and coarse grasses are nibbled off at the tips. Your website is really a real source of information on fisheries. Please send me a caulture teachniques of chital fish, Sir mere papa chital fish seed ka kaam karte hain .june july august three month hamre paas bahut sara chital seed avelible rahata hai . KVK, DHALAI, Tripura. Perfect for: [36] Within Bangladesh, it currently only exists in the Sundarbans and some ecoparks situated around the Bay of Bengal, as it became extinct in the central and north-east of the country. Chital fish, also known as clown knife fish in English is a great delicacy in the Indian sub-continent. If the size of fingerling at the time of stocking is 2½-3inch i.e. chital Whole body and head is covered with numerous small sized scales. It is sexually dimorphic; males are larger than females, and antlers are present only on males. Commercial chital fish farming business is very profitable and you can get your investment within a very short period of time. Mean absolute fecundity was calculated as 134312144 in sampled fish. Chital are a lightly-built species; males are larger and heavier than females. Privacy Policy The Chital's coat is brown, reddish overhead, and has white patch underside features. Alikunhi (1957 ) reported that chital co uld grow to 30 c m in size in 60 to 70 days time. A grown up chital fish can grow up to five feet in length and weights about 40 pounds. While males weigh 30–75 kg (66–165 lb), the lighter females weigh 25–45 kg (55–99 lb). The chital has a prominent white patch on its throat, while the throat of the fallow deer is completely white. A rutting male fasts during the mating season and follows and guards a female in oestrus. Thanks for your consideration! Product is sold by weight. The toes taper to a point. Backside is dark gray colored and belly is bright silver colored. [5] The name of the cheetah has a similar origin. [1] The axis deer is protected under Schedule III of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act (1972)[36] and under the Wildlife (Preservation) (Amendment) Act, 1974 of Bangladesh. The abdomen, rump, throat, insides of legs, ears, and tail are all white. [11] A phylogenetic study later that year showed that Hyelaphus is closer to the genus Rusa than Axis. Caudal fin is joint with anal fin and there are 7-8 globular white spots. Reply. [18][19], Each of the antlers has three lines on it. The wild life of India, Collins, London, Sankar, K. and Acharya, B. I have few more things to know… Please Help… To the best of authors' knowledge, length-weight relationship and fecundity of this species from the river Ravi, Pakistan is being reported for the first time. [17][25], A vocal animal, the chital, akin to the North American elk, gives out bellows and alarm barks. [25], Breeding takes place throughout the year, with peaks that vary geographically. 2004. Fish Type: Katla. SMS FISHERIES [15] A conspicuous black stripe runs along the spine (back bone). Thirty live chital fish were used in this study. May i have any Ratio of Feeding??? I am from Bangladesh. i have 100 chital fish about 1.25kg per piece in 3 months, [15] A study in the Gir National Park (Gujarat, India) showed that chital travel the most in summer of all seasons. ... সৌখিন চিতল মাছ শিকার । Unique chital fish hunting by fish hook - Duration: 3:39. The tail, 20 cm (7.9 in) long, is marked by a dark stripe that stretches along its length. Country of Origin: Made in India. Buy Fish - Chital Gada online at lowest price from bigbasket and get them delivered at your doorstep. Khusboo Premium Strawberry Jelly 500 gm ৳ 155/-chaldal. You need to stock minnow of more than 6 inch size. Pond each of 0.16ha. 1860 123 1000. Chital have several white spots, whereas fallow deer usually have white splotches. [25] The chital also benefit from fruits dropped by langurs from trees such as Terminalia bellirica and Phyllanthus emblica. Artiodactyla. The opponents then interlock their horns and push against each other, with the smaller male producing a sound at times which is louder than that produced by sambar deer, but not as much as the barasinga's. Pigeon [17], Marking behaviour is pronounced in males. (1964). Activity slows down during midday, when the animals rest or loiter about slowly. I am exporter of Large Scampi prawns ( Rosenbergii) 1000kgs daily( sizes 100 gram and above) I wonder if you can arrange regular supply Of prawns to me. The exact price will be calculated after the product is weighted. Axis was revealed to be paraphyletic and distant from Hyelaphus in the phylogenetic tree; the chital was found to form a clade with Rucervus duvaucelii (barasinga) and R. schomburgki (Schomburgk's deer). [8] In 1827, English naturalist Charles Hamilton Smith placed the chital in its own subgenus Axis under the genus Cervus. [1][45][46], Herd grazing while one (on left) keeps watch at Sudarnakhali, Sundarbans, Herd of chital does at Ranthambore National park. Job Circular [1] Two primary reasons for its good conservation status are its legal protection as a species and a network of functioning protected areas. [20][27] Small herds are common, though aggregations of as many as 100 individuals have been observed. Thanks for your reply… White-Tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus), also known as Virginia deer, is a common American deer species that ranges from the Arctic Circle in western Canada to Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. The bright reddish-brown coat of both sexes is marked with scattered white spots in all seasons. These did not survive and the primary range of the chital is now confined to a few cattle stations in North Queensland near Charters Towers and several feral herds on the NSW north coast. We are working hard and hope within a short time we will be able to make a full farming methods of Chital fish. 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A total of 2000 to 2500 kg/ha is stocked and are fed with low market value fish and rice bran at the rate of 2 – 3 percent of body weight. My pond size is about 22000 square foot (52 decimal) and deep is above 10 feet in summer season and about 15 feet in rainy season. Males reach nearly 90 cm and females 70 cm at the shoulder; the head-and-body length is around one.7 metres. Thank you for putting up this website with all the information.Quite a daunting task. Get Best Quote. The backside of head is curved like bow and slightly straight. [25] Chital are generally silent when grazing together. The vernacular name "chital" (pronounced /tʃiːtəl/)[4] comes from cītal (Hindi: चीतल), derived from the Sanskrit word citrala (चित्रलः) meaning variegated or spotted. Thank you! I’d like to point out that the word carnivoruos is probably more appropriate than cannibalistic in describing the Chital. [17] The chital may be confused with the fallow deer. ... Hilsa Fish: The national fish of Bangladesh is Hilsa. Males reach nearly 90 cm (35 in) and females 70 cm (28 in) at the shoulder; the head-and-body length is around 1.7 m (5.6 ft). The longevity in the wild, however, is merely five to ten years. [2] However a morphological analysis in 2004 showed significant differences between Axis and Hyelaphus. [16] The chital has well-developed preorbital glands (near the eyes) which have stiff hairs. Sparring between males begins with the larger male displaying his dominance before the other; this display consists of hissing heading away from the other male with the tail facing him, the nose pointing to the ground, the ears down, the antlers upright, and the upper lip raised. The chital was estimated to have diverged from the Rucervus lineage in the Early Pliocene (five million years ago). Weight: 20 gm [31][32] The chital has been observed foraging with sambar deer in the Western Ghats. [43], Chital of unknown genetic origin were introduced to Brijuni Island in 1911, where they still occur today. We are the Chital Fish Seed Suppliers in Karnataka & leading Chital Fish Seed Hatchery in Karnataka . Browse forms a major portion of the diet only in the winter-October to January-when the grasses, tall or dried up, are no longer palatable. [26], When cautiously inspecting its vicinity, the chital stands motionless and listens with rapt attention, facing the potential danger, if any. They are usually fed on aquatic insects, small fish, shrimp, snail etc. [9][3] Later Axis was elevated to generic status by taxonomists such as Colin P. Groves and Peter Grubb. The male approaches the other in a slow gait. In August 2012, a helicopter pilot pleaded guilty to transporting four axis deer from Maui to Hawaii. Courtship is based on tending bonds. It possesses unbelievable strength and stamina to give any angler a spine bending fight. Sir Roy chital fish is my best choice, so I am looking forward for the for the proper guideline from you. Request Callback. In: D. E. Wilson and D. M. Reeder (eds), Gee, E.P. They are generally a fish eater of freshwater. Related. [25] The chital can leap and clear fences as high as 1.5 m (4.9 ft), but prefers to dive under them. [17] Males may moan during aggressive displays or while resting. prodipprodip.thnx. I am interested in cultivating chital fish; Can i know ur contact details. As you know, Chital is a carnivorous fish. Please advice me how many chital fish having size 4 inch cultivated and total profit in one year. Because the deer have no natural predators on the Hawaiian islands, their population is growing 20 to 30% each year, causing serious damage to agriculture and natural areas. It was seven in the morning. Chital fish are carnivorous. "[41], In 1932, axis deer were introduced to Texas. Near the belly the spots may merge to form a horizontal stripe. 3 months growth revealed 250-450g. Please provide required management practices. The White-Tailed Deer is named for the thick white fur on the underside of the neck and the rear. A cannibal is one that eats its own kind. Kindly provide some tips for culture aspects of Chital. Fish 560004, Bangalore. Manufacturer of Fresh Fish - Common Carp Fish, Catla Fish, Rohu Fish and Magur Fish offered by Ali Fish Seed And Feed Centre, Jagiroad, Assam. Thanks! Need to know about it’s feeding method & better what to feed…? Sir, [17] It also has well-developed metatarsal glands and pedal glands located in its hind legs. If the fawn dies, the mother can breed once again so as to give birth twice that year. Physical characteristics, classification, food habit, breeding of this freshwater fish are listed bellow one after another. It is sometimes known as the Indian featherback. Prawn Medium 500 gm ৳ 319/-chaldal. We hope to make a full guide for Chital fish farming. Ostrich Whole Chital Fish - per pound. It was first described by German naturalist Johann Christian Polycarp Erxleben in 1777. ... Chital fish can be consumed 2-4 times a week, however it is not to be consumed by lactating mothers and infants. You can purchase low cost small fishes from the market for feeding your Chital fish. Its under polyculture system replaced Mrigal. [33] The western limit of its range is eastern Rajasthan and Gujarat. That’s too much! My number :-9912322333, Sir They also prefer heavy forest cover for shade and avoid direct sunlight. The brow tine (the first division in the antler) is roughly perpendicular to the beam (the central stalk of the antler). Poultry Chicken Grubb, P. 2005. A carnivore is one that eats meats of other animals. [25] The highest numbers of chital are found in the forests of India, where they feed upon tall grass and shrubs. All canibals are thereofre carnivores but not all carnivores are cannibals!! Chital in the Sunderbans may be omnivores; remains of red crabs have been found in the rumen of individuals. Pl advice what size SPAWNS should are leave in that pond a 4 acre pond having 10 average 3 to 4 kg chital fish.

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